Workshops in Europe and Asia 2018


Schedule 2018

I will be teaching in Europe from end of Feb 2018. Switzerland in March.


21st to 28th available for sessions in Denmark


8th Orgasmic Breathing | Awakening the Inner Bliss in Zurich, CH

Satya In Switzerland for the month of March


Request Workshop

If you are interested in co-organising an event near you, or already have a group of people interested. Then let us know.

Workshop types:

  • Initiation to Orgasmic Breathing (2 days + 1 evening)
  • Inner Journey – Awakening the Inner Bliss (3 hours)
  • Beloved – Loving Intimacy for Couples (5 hours)
  • Accelerated Transformation – Clearing: Mind, Body, Energy Purification Journeys (1 – 7 days)